The Best Grill Cleaners in 2020 Reviews – Clean Better, Easier and Faster

Regular cleaning will keep your grill in its best condition. While you may think soap and water will do the job, you’ll need the best grill cleaner to get rid of oil residues, grease, dirt, and stubborn stains without damaging your griller. But how should you choose a cleaner for your grill?

Some use a regular brush while others just go with a scraper or knife to remove tough stains and dirt. This might work, but the right tool or cleaner will make cleaning a lot easier and faster. You’ll also be able to maintain its quality that can last for years. Therefore, if you haven’t found the best grill cleaner yet, our detailed roundup and guide will help you out.

These Are The Top Best Grill Cleaners in 2020 Reviews

10. Alpha Grillers Grill Brush

Alpha Grillers Grill Brush

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The Alpha Grillers grill brush cleaner is all about heavy-duty design and effortless cleaning. Design as a bristle-free brush, you won’t have to worry about brush fallouts or residues that might mix in with your food. This brush is crafted with stainless steel material for long-lasting quality that won’t rust or corrode over time. This also renders efficient cleaning that will keep your grates free from stains and awful greasy marks,

What’s also great about this brush is its flexibility. The scraper is designed to be extra wide so you can get through the grates easily, allowing you to get the cleaning job done in no time. It is also designed to safely remove stubborn stains without damaging your grill. The ergonomic handle also makes cleaning a lot easier, allowing you to reach different spots of your grill.

Key Features
  • Bristle-free brush to prevent brush fallouts
  • Made of stainless steel material for long-lasting quality
  • Has extra-wide scraper for thorough cleaning
  • Designed with ergonomic handle for hassle-free cleaning
  • Safely removes stubborn stains without damaging the grates

9. Grill Brush and Scraper

Grill Brush and Scraper

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This GRILLART brush highlights its stainless steel bristles and sharp scraper that do the cleaning job efficiently and right on the dot. It features an ergonomic shape and design that can easily work its way into the grates as well as to cover more spots for faster cleaning.

This product comes with a sharp scraper that does the trick to remove stubborn dirt and stains. It pushes the dirt and hardened grease or stains without wrecking the quality of your grill. This makes cleaning a lot easier and faster. You won’t also have to worry about the bristles falling out as they are firmly attached to the handle. They are well-made. This also allows you to clean the grates thoroughly without damaging both the brush and the grill.

Designed with an 18-inch strong and long handle, this grill cleaner won’t easily break. You can also clean the areas of your grill comfortably and reach the spots that need thorough cleaning while keeping your hand protected against the burning heat. This product also comes with a stainless steel ring so you can just hang it in your garage or someplace after using it.

Key Features
  • Well-made brush with heavy-duty bristles and sharp scraper
  • Comes with ergonomic and long handle for hassle-free cleaning
  • Efficiently removes stubborn grease stains
  • No bristle fallouts
  • Has stainless steel ring for easy storage

8. Drillbrush The Ultimate No-Wire Grill Brush Kit

Drillbrush The Ultimate No-Wire Grill Brush Kit

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If you’re into time-saving and effortless cleaning, this next grill cleaner on our list must be your ideal pick. Drillbrush has come up with this innovative design that saves you from exhausting cleaning. These brush attachments are compatible with a power drill. Just attach it to your drill and you’re good to go. No need to spend hours and tireless efforts for hand brushing.

Moreover, the brushes are designed with nylon bristles that gently but effectively cleans the grills and remove grime and stubborn stains. As they are nylon, these brushes don’t rust and corrode. They are also safe to use for your grill, keeping it clean and damage-free.

You can also choose your preferred size with the interchangeable brushes. This kit provides Ultra Stiff scrubbers or bristle brushes of different sizes that can help you accomplish cleaning jobs of different types besides grill cleaning. When you’re all done, these brushes are also easy to clean. Just give your brushes a quick rinse into hot soapy water and keep them clean and grime-free for your next cleaning task.

Key Features

7. Alpha Grillers Grill Brush Stainless Steel Wire Bristles and Stiff Handle

Alpha Grillers Grill Brush Stainless Steel Wire Bristles and Stiff Handle

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Whether you’re using a cast iron grill, porcelain grill, or stainless steel grill, this Alpha Grillers brush cleaner must be the ultimate pick you should check out. It is designed with heavy-duty stainless steel bristles to make sure you clean every spot and everything between the grates. It highlights its ergonomic design and shape that makes hand brushing a lot easier.

Plus, it is crafted with a long handle so you won’t get your hand burnt while cleaning the grates, especially right after grilling. You’ll also be able to fully control the brush to clean hard-to-reach spots and get your job done in no time. The brush is made of rustproof stainless steel bristles that provide sturdy quality and efficient cleaning performance. And if you’re not satisfied with this brush, it comes with a money back guarantee

Key Features
  • Stainless steel bristles for heavy-duty performance
  • Comes with a long handle for hassle-free cleaning
  • Keeps your hand protected from heat
  • Features ergonomic shape and design for easy hand brushing
  • Safe to use for all types of grillers

6. OXO 1312480 Good Grips Electric Grill and Panini Press Brush

OXO 1312480 Good Grips Electric Grill and Panini Press Brush

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If you’re using an electric indoor grill or a non-stick grill, a metal or stainless steel grill cleaner won’t do any good. It’ll damage your grill and its non-stick properties. Therefore, this grill cleaner from OXO might be the one you’re looking for. The brush is designed with soft and flexible bristles that can provide delicate but efficient cleaning.

These soft bristles won’t also damage any non-stick essential surfaces. You’ll also notice that the bristles are patterned so that they can get into each and every spot of your grill, keeping it thoroughly cleaned.

It is also innovatively designed with a silicon wiper blade on the front of the brush that sweeps off and scrapes stubborn gunk and greasy mess on the grill. For comfortable cleaning, it features an ergonomic handle with a non-slip grip, so it won’t slip even when it gets wet.

Key Features
  • Ideal for indoor electric grills and non-stick grills
  • Designed with soft and flexible bristles for delicate cleaning
  • Has patterned bristles for efficient cleaning
  • Features non-slip handle for comfortable use
  • Has silicon scraper to remove stubborn stains

5. GRILLART Grill Brush and Scraper

GRILLART Grill Brush and Scraper

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If you have an outdoor grill activity that needs frequent cleaning, this GRILLART brush cleaner will do the job for you. The brush is designed with bristles that are woven around the stainless steel frames to prevent any bristle fallouts. It also highlights its angled design that you can use for deep cleaning. It is flexible and offers efficient and faster cleaning, allowing you to save more time and effort.

Innovatively crafted with a scraper, you can use it to gently remove any dirt or grease on the grates. It also features a long handle to keep your hand from any burns while cleaning your hot grill. The angle and length also provide effortless and comfortable cleaning. Plus, the handle has a non-slip grip to keep it from slipping while you’re cleaning and whenever it gets wet.

Key Features
  • Ideal for outdoor grills
  • Features an angled design for flexibility and deep cleaning
  • Designed with durable bristles for efficient cleaning
  • Features a long handle with a non-slip grip
  • Comes with a scraper to effectively remove stubborn stains

4. Kona 360 Clean Grill Brush

Kona 360 Clean Grill Brush

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This KONA grill cleaner boasts its durable and unique 3-in-1 brush design. Crafted with 3 brushes, you can finish cleaning the grill in no time. The bristles are rigid and made of durable material to make sure it won’t easily break or fall out when you use it. With its solid construction, the bristles and frames won’t easily break over time.

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The brush is versatile and suitable for cleaning different types of grills whether they are porcelain, ceramic, char-broil, and other types of grill. This grill cleaner is safe to use. Plus, it features an 18-inch handle which is an ideal length for comfortable use. You can also keep your hands protected from the heat and other messy dirt while you’re cleaning. To ensure excellent quality and long-lasting durability, this brush is backed up with a 5-year warranty.

Key Features
  • Features 3-in-1 unique brush design
  • Rigid bristles for durability and long-lasting performance
  • Suitable for deep cleaning for different types of grills
  • Has ergonomic long handle for ease of use
  • Backed up with a 5-year warranty

3. BBQ Grill Cleaning Ultra Stiff Drill

BBQ Grill Cleaning Ultra Stiff Drill

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If you’re looking for another option for your quick cleaning without the hassle of hand brushing, these Drill Brush grill cleaner attachments might just work for you. You can save more time and effort because all you need to do is attach the brush to your power drill and you’re good to go! Apart from the convenience it offers, each brush is carefully designed with a durable ultra stiff nylon brush to provide efficient cleaning.

Whether you need to use it for deep cleaning or just for quick grill untidying. Moreover, these brushes are safe to use and won’t leave damages to your outdoor grills. This kit also comes with interchangeable brushes. Each features a different size that you can use for different types of grill cleaning. They are easy to use and won’t rust and corrode over time.

Key Features
  • Features ultra stiff nylon bristles for durability and efficient cleaning
  • Easy to attach to your power drill for effortless and quick cleaning
  • Can be used for different types of outdoor grills
  • Won’t leave any damages to your grill
  • Comes with interchangeable brushes

2. Kona Safe Clean Grill Brush

Kona Safe Clean Grill Brush

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Probably the most noticeable features of this brush is its bristle-free design and unique wide angle. If you’re worried about bristle fallouts, then this Kona grill brush could be your ideal pick. It is not your conventional brush but guarantees a rigid quality that you can use for deep and efficient grill cleaning.

The frames showcase durable stainless steel material and also ergonomically angled to cover more spots on your grill. The handle is also an ideal length at 18 inches that can keep your hand away from the heat and all the dirt on your grill. This promotes comfortable cleaning, allowing you to remove stubborn dirt and stains without burning your hands. You can also easily maneuver the brush to reach all the areas on your grill.

Key Features
  • Bristle-free brush that prevents any fallouts
  • Rigid frames for durable quality
  • Features angled design for easy and efficient cleaning
  • Removes stubborn stains effectively on your grill
  • Suitable for all types of outdoor grills

1. Drill Brush Cleaning Accessories

Drill Brush Cleaning Accessories

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Drillbrush is all about innovative designs that can make your life much easier. And when it comes to grill cleaning, this brand offers a vast lineup of portable and reliable brushes that you can easily set up with your power drill. When tough stains and messy and greasy gunk are a frequent problem on your grill, this grill cleaner makes sure you won’t have to spend tireless hours hand brushing.

This kit includes different brush heads that you can swap depending on the type of cleaning you want. You’ll have bigger brushes for extensive cleaning while a small one is great for shallow untidying. Each brush is crafted with durable nylon bristles that won’t easily break and fall out, keeping your grill safe and essentially cleaned from any residues that might get into your food.

The brushes are innovatively and carefully designed with a rugged steel and quick-change shaft that can fit in most drills and drivers. If you’re not satisfied with its performance, this brand provides a 90-day money back guarantee.

Key Features
  • Designed for power drills for hassle-free cleaning
  • Interchangeable brushes for custom grill cleaning
  • Easy to use and set up
  • Made of durable nylon bristles that don’t break and fall out
  • Features sturdy structure for durability and superb performance
  • Saves time and effort
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How to Choose the Best Grill Cleaner


There are different variants of grill cleaners. Typically designed as brushes, each type may still vary according to the material. Some brushes are made of stainless steel material that is known to be heavy-duty and effectively remove stubborn gunk and grease on the grill. This material has also been known to be durable and safe to use with metal grills.

You may also find stiff brush attachments that you can use with an electric cordless drill. While this gives an advantage of effortless cleaning, this type of material highlights the stiff brush design with durable bristles. It also works to thoroughly eliminate tough stains and grease.

On the other hand, some brushes have silicone wiper blades, which features soft and flexible but durable bristles. Such design is great for delicate parts but also works efficiently for cleaning tough stains and greasy mess.


There’s little to no hassle if you’re using ergonomically designed cleaners. When you’re comparing the brushes, you might want to consider the design or structure and how you can take advantage of it when you’re cleaning.

There are brushes or cleaners that feature extra long handles that allow you to maneuver the brush more easily. With such design, you can also protect your hand from the heat and any messy dirt.

As mentioned, there are cleaners that are innovatively designed as attachments to power drill. You may also consider this design if you have a cordless power drill at home. This can save more time and effort when you are cleaning. Just make sure that the attachments are compatible with your drill.


When you’re all settled with the design and material, checking the durability of the product is imperative. You should consider the material and design of the cleaner. You definitely want to invest in a product that can last for years. The customer reviews can also provide you an overview of how the product works and whether it is safe to use for all types of grills.

These brushes and cleaners don’t usually come with warranty coverage but some brands do. However, there are some manufacturers that offer money back guarantees which can actually be as good as a warranty coverage. This may serve as a proof of durability and excellent quality of the product and the company will provide full refund if you’re satisfied with their product.


These grill cleaners come in different price tags. Fortunately, they do not cost a lot and you can purchase them at reasonable prices.

But prices may still vary according to brand, design, and accessories included. You may also get great deals and discounts from e-commerce websites. But you’d be happy to know that most of them come at very affordable prices. And if you’re planning to purchase any of these grill cleaners, it would be wise to consider your budget.


To sum it up, the best grill cleaners are a worthy investment to keep your grill clean and damage-free. And as you get rid of the messy gunk and greasy stains, you can keep your grill at its best condition. These grill cleaners may look similar to one another but you still have to sift through their durability properties and manufacturing details. In this way, you’ll be able to determine whether the cleaner is safe to use and won’t cause any damages to your grill.

The products mentioned above are some of the best-selling grill cleaners you can take note of. Whether you’re going to purchase for the first time or just replacing your old cleaner, our detailed guidelines and product reviews will help you narrow down the options. Hope this helps!

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