The Top Best Makeup Sponges in 2020 Reviews and Buying Guide

Makeup sponges come in different shapes, and they have a distinct purpose. You must have seen professionals using sponge strictly for applying primer, foundation, BB Cream, isolated liquids, and even powders. Most of us believe that having an expensive brand of makeup kit is enough for flawless touch.

The secret of that flawless makeup and perfect touch up is the makeup sponge. While large and rounded sponges used for moisturizers and cream, smaller ones are for more delicate areas such as under-eye if you are wondering how the celebrities look flawless using the same brand as you do then try applying the make-up right way with a make-up sponge.

These Are The Top-Rated Makeup Sponges in 2020 Reviews

10. YEOTWIN Latex Free Beauty Makeup Sponge 

YEOTWIN Latex Free Beauty Makeup Sponge 

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If you are looking for a latex-free makeup sponge, then you are reading about the right product. The makeup sponge from Yeotwin is latex-free and, therefore, perfect for those who are worried about getting allergies.

Apart from being chemical and cruelty-free, the sponge is also bouncy and smooth, giving a flawless look to your skin. The blending of makeup is as important as the brand of the makeup that you are using. Moreover, the sponge can be used in both the ways, dry and wet gently on the skin.

Why Buy This Product

The pack of three ultra-soft sponge is something that should be in your make up kit on the go. Perfect blending and soft on the skin, this sponge ensures minimal absorption with maximum coverage. Ideally, you are getting a version step ahead of powder pull, which is oil resistant as well as slag-free.

Key Features
  • Smell free and latex-free
  • Available in the pack of three
  • Made from polymer technology
  • Mesh cotton pores
  • Oil resistant and slag free
  • Does not crack therefore can be used for a long run
  • Skin-friendly and does not contain any harmful substance
  • Suitable for all skin types

9. Oxeely Liquid And Cream Blending Makeup Sponges 

Oxeely Liquid And Cream Blending Makeup Sponges

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Made through an environmentally friendly procedure, the sponge from Oxeely is both bouncy and easily applies to make up smooth and evenly. One of the best features of the sponge is that it does not soak up the excessive makeup and therefore applies just the right amount.

Moreover, the sponge is latex-free specifically designed for sensitive skin so that you do not suffer from any allergy. Further, the sponge from Oxeely is oil resistant, non-toxic, and odor-free.

Why Buy This Product

If you are looking for a sponge that can define the makeup in hard to reach areas such as eyes, nose, etc. then Oxeely suits your needs. The round base can be used for applying blush or foundation evenly, whereas the pointed side is for hard to reach areas.

Once soaked in water, the sponge becomes softer and regains its original shape when dry.

Key Features
  • Made of non-latex material
  • Two shaped – rounded and cone
  • Non- toxic and odor-free
  • Easy to clean after use
  • Environment-friendly and cruelty-free
  • Two shapes help in better application of the makeup

8. Beakey 3+1 Beauty Sponge Make Up Blended 

Beakey 3+1 Beauty Sponge Make Up Blended 

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You get makeup blenders of three shapes that are enough to take care of all your makeup blending needs. The ultra-smooth sponge is made from non-latex bouncy material and can be used for cream, concealer, liquid foundation, powder, etc.

You also get a contour brush with the pack, which is designed to give a professional makeup finish and can be used for contouring, shading, and blending the cosmetics and even highlights.

Why Buy This Product

You can use the oval-shaped sponge for larger areas such as the forehead, whereas the pointed side used for applying the makeup evenly under the eyes, mouth, and nose.

One of the best features of this sponge is that it can be used in both wet and dry ways. You can use the sponge dry for blending powder and wet for the cream or liquid products. We simplify it further for you by listing the features.

  • Unique shape helps in blending the makeup in both wider and hard to reach areas
  • Non-latex material used in the sponge is both cruelty-free and odor-free
  • Three shapes in one sponge ensure professional touch

7. EmaxDesign Concealer Eye face Powder Sponge

EmaxDesign Concealer Eye face Powder Sponge

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The new two shaped sponge from EmaxDesign is multi-functional but also ensures professional touch to the makeup. Moreover, the sponge is designed in a way to give flawless and very natural looking makeup look.

Apart from that, the sponge is made from antimicrobial foam, which is latex-free and helps in fighting bacteria. You can be assured of having an allergy-free experience, and the dense elastic structure makes it perfect for long term use.

Why Buy This Product

Since there are two shapes, you can easily cover both wider areas like forehead and finer ones like under eye and nose corners. These make-up sponges are most effective when wet but can also be used dry. However, dampening it with water makes the sponge softer and smoother on the skin.

Moreover, dampening the sponge with water ensures that it absorbs just enough amount of the cream or foundation, giving a natural look. All you need to do is to put the sponge in water and squeeze it gently to remove extra water to make it ready for use.

Key Features
  • Two shapes for wider and finer features
  • Works best when dampened with the water
  • Latex-free and odor-free
  • The antimicrobial foam helps fight bacteria
  • Made of dense elastic to ensure long term use
  • Easy to use and clean

6. Zenda Naturals Edgeless Design Make up Sponge 

Zenda Naturals Edgeless Design Make up Sponge

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One of the most innovative designs, the makeup sponge from Zenda Natural, is edgeless and therefore gives the perfect blending. Both the rounded side and the tip can be used for ideal blending and streak-free contouring.

Easy to use this sponge works best when dampened with water. All you need to do is submerge and squeeze the sponge before the use. Dampened sponge ensures that the excess liquid is not absorbed, thereby applying even all over the face.

Why Buy This Product

Zenda is an all-in-one blender to give you the perfect contouring and to blend with the professional touch. Moreover, you can use the sponge for primer, powder, cream blush, and any other cosmetic products.

Since water retention is minimum, the sponge does not mess up with the application of makeup and holds both water and make-up enough for perfect application on the skin.

Key Features
  • Two shaped Bouncy Sponge
  • This can be used for a wide variety of make-up application
  • Edgeless
  • The edgeless design gives a smooth finish
  • Sufficient water retention
  • Can be used for blending and contouring

5. Beakey Professional Beauty Blender Sponge 

Beakey Professional Beauty Blender Sponge

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The makeup sponge from Beakey is made from high-quality non-latex material to give the professional and perfect look. Moreover, you can use the sponge for BB creams, concealer, foundation, liquid, and so on.

In addition to the soft sponge, you also get a kabuki brush, which is made of premium soft fiber hair that adds to the perfection further. The easy to hold brush makes the contouring even more comfortable and you get a mesh protector to keep it safe.

Why Buy This Product

You need to dampen the sponge in the water and squeeze it before blending. However, it can also be used in a dry state, but dampening just ensures that the right amount of liquid or cream is held by the sponge.

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You can use this makeup blender for a range of cosmetics from liquid to powder. Moreover, the edge-less design of the sponge ensures that the entire face is covered seamlessly.

Key Features
  • Can be used both dry and wet
  • Latex-free material
  • Multipurpose
  • Comes with a Powder Brush
  • Two shapes cover the entire face evenly
  • The edgeless design ensures smooth and even application
  • The powder brush is made of super-soft synthetic hair perfect for the skin

4. Real Techniques Airbrushed Look Makeup Mini Sponge 

Real Techniques Airbrushed Look Makeup Mini Sponge 

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Get the star-studded look with wherever you go with this mini sponge that is made of innovative foam technology. Apart from ensuring a smooth blend of the makeup, the sponge can be used for applying a range of products from primer to foundation.

Launched in 2011, Real techniques are all about maintaining the quality yet keeping the products cruelty free. On one hand, the rounded side can be used for the larger blends, whereas the pointed one takes care of the finer features in your face.

Why Buy This Product

A sustainable and award-winning brand, Real Techniques has crafted these mini sponges with utmost care. Not too harsh on the skin but at the same time not overly soft to break easily when dampened with the water.

Extensive coverage and blend are offered with this mini sponge that can be used for applying a range of liquids, cremes, foundation, and primer.

Key Features
  • Two shaped for wider and finer features
  • Can be used dry or wet
  • Can be used to blend a range of makeup products
  • Soft and skin-friendly
  • Can be used for a variety of makeup products
  • Easy to clean and reuse

3. Audamp Latex Free Dual-Use Make Up Sponge 

Audamp Latex Free Dual-Use Make Up Sponge

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Both easy to use and latex-free, this makeup sponge from Audamp states that you get the perfect look minus any harmful chemicals and allergy-causing material. Moreover, the sponge expands by 50% in size when soaked in water, therefore the more practical application of the make-up.

Easy to clean, this sponge works perfectly for both contouring and blending and can be used both dry and wet. The edgeless design ensures that the application of the foundation, primer, etc., is flawless.

Why Buy This Product

The water drop design of the sponge is both innovative and ensures that less makeup is absorbed. Moreover, it works exceptionally well on dry and flaky skin compared to other makeup sponge in the market.

Key Features
  • Two Shaped sponge covering the entire face
  • Cab used both dry and wet
  • Can be used for any type of make-up
  • The edgeless design ensures better and smooth application of the makeup
  • Latex-free and eco friendly
  • All in one purpose sponge for applying primer, foundation and even BB creams

2. Beakey Premium Synthetic Hair Brush Set 

Beakey Premium Synthetic Hair Brush Set 

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Complete set of Makeup brush set from Beakey covering for powders, liquids, creams, and giving that perfect look on makeup application. Efficient and cruelty-free synthetic hair is both soft and sturdy with durable hand.

Other than that, you also got a Latex-free sponge with a flat bottom used for application on cheeks and forehead. Moreover, the pointed sponge is for targeting the finer areas and giving a perfect look.

Why Buy This Product

Pair of brush for different usage and flat based sponge ensures you get flawless makeup and radiant skin. Further, to ensure the effective cleaning of the brush, you also get a brush cleaner embedded with tiny granules.

Carry the entire set anywhere for its compact size and ease of use. An essential kit for both DIY users and professionals, the brush and sponge kit, complete your entire make-up kit.

  • Wide range of brush for various purpose
  • Flat bottom sponge and pointed top covering the entire feature
  • Easy to clean and squeeze out extra moisture

1. Beakey Multipurpose Soft Edgeless Makeup Sponge 

Beakey Multipurpose Soft Edgeless Makeup Sponge 

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Non-Latex and skin-friendly sponge from Beakey is incredibly soft and comes in multiple colors. The sponge moreover can be used for all types of cosmetics such as BB cream, concealer, isolation liquid, foundation, and so on.

You can use it both dry and wet form for application of various cosmetics. Further, the edgeless design ensures the maximum coverage and even application of the foundation, primer, or any other makeup product.

Why Buy This Product

Just apply a little bit of the cosmetic on the sponge and evenly spread all over the face. You can use the wider end of this sponge for the forehead and broader features. For fine areas such as undereye and nose corners, use the pointed end.

Multi-colored sponge from Beakey gives the perfect skin tone and flawless application of the makeup. Moreover, it is easy to clean and durable, making it an ideal choice for your makeup kit.

Key Features
  • Latex-free
  • Can be used both dry and wet
  • Edge design
  • Two shaped
  • The edgeless design gives a natural look and easy application
  • Softer on the skin and no risk of allergy
  • Absorbs just sufficient amount of cosmetic preventing any wastage

Factors To Consider While Buying The Best Makeup Sponges

Latex-Free – Whether or not you have sensitive skin and prone to allergies, make sure that you are buying latex-free sponge. Our skin is sensitive, and especially finer areas such as undereye, etc. need extra care while applying make-up.

Size and Porousness –The size of the sponge you use depends on the purpose of use. For instance, the broad-based sponge is used to cover the wider areas in the face, such as the forehead. On the other hand, the tip used for applying make-up in the finer areas.

Similarly, the porousness of the sponge decides the absorption power but should not be too porous. Make sure that the pores are not visible and should look textured.

Shape – Of course, the shape also matters when selecting the makeup sponge, with most of them being two shaped. Smooth shapes would be better for covering the entire face area giving an even tone. Teardrop Make -up sponges, on the other hand, are comfortable to handle, and therefore, the application of makeup becomes easier.

Benefits of Using MakeUp Sponges

Flawless Blending –Using your fingertips for applying different cosmetics such as primer, foundation, etc., is not the right approach. So, this is the reason why most of the time, you feel the make-up on your face too cakey. Fine pored, and smooth sponge gives perfect blending and leaves you with an even tone.

Gives The Dewy Touch – Brush is not very useful for providing a natural finish to the makeup and also that moist look. The sponge, on the other hand, leaves the skin look plump and delivers a flawless finish.

Budget-Friendly – Compared to other cosmetic application kits, the sponge is relatively less priced and gives a better touch up and tone to the skin. The sponge is a good option if you are looking for something budget-friendly that also produces a great result.


There are so many brands and a variety of makeup sponge out there in the market. It becomes challenging to identify the one which is gentle on the skin and ensures perfect application on the skin.

We hope that you will find the right product from our carefully crafted list of the makeup sponges that are effective and cost-effective.

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