The Top 10 Best Summer Neck Gaiter Face Mask In 2020 Reviews

Are you an outdoorsy person who spends most of the summer with the wicked elements like sun, come wind, rain, dust, or sand? Chances are you will end up your day with some serious burns and tans on your face. Freak not! Try a Summer Neck Gaiter Face Mask, your warm weather, any weather activity staple.

Did you know even the CDC has recommended it to fight a pandemic like COVID 19? But only a purpose-built, buff, tube, or a bandana can do the job. So, no matter, you are snowboarding, hiking, hunting, skiing, biking or simply attending a party, a gaiter is your best go-to face gear for an outing of every size.

To make it simpler, your badass gaiter could protect you against the harmful UV rays, dust, sand, and whatnot! It is the most functional and versatile piece of accessory that does not need pesky knots to tie, doesn’t just muffle around your neck but snugs securely to your face and leave you feeling comfy, breathable and secure during those long hours of your outdoor stay. Can’t wait to pick yours? No idea, how to choose the best? Here’s the 10 best of the bunch that will make things easier for you.

So, let’s not waffle anymore and straight look inside.

The Best Summer Neck Gaiter Face Mask in 2020

With so many products making their way into the world-wide-interweb every day, you can easily be spoiled for choices and end up with a bad buy. Fear not here’s a list put together right from the world’s most favorite and trusted shopping destination, Amazon.

The sorted list is here to guide you and help you make a quick buying decision.

10. Obacle Bandana Rave Face Mask Bandana

Obacle Bandana Rave Face Mask Bandana

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Grab this unisex mask from Obacle for a seamless summer experience. Stitched in all-polyester, this lightweight Summer Neck Gaiter Face Mask offers both comfort and protection minus slip or smother. Premium-quality microfiber, immaculate non-lock sewing, and superfine elasticity make this ergonomic piece a fantastic outdoor staple.

Did I just forget to mention, you could put this ultra-light headgear in any style like a scarf, headband, balaclava, neckerchief, or a bonnet! What’s more, the stunning starry-sky 3D design will bring you all the attention. So, save yourself from the weather odds while you make a statement on the walk.

  • 100% polyester microfiber
  • Anti-slip grip
  • Thin, and breathable
  • Multipurpose headgear
  • Trend-setting digital print and vivid shade
  • Smart-dry
  • No-lock stitch
  • Tear-resistant
  • Sun and dust protection 
  • Might be a little too stretchy
  • Might slide down at times
  • Double-check the quality

9. Doerix Face Mask Bandana

Doerix Face Mask Bandana

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This exquisite balaclava from Doerix is one of the greatest buys if you want to keep using your summer gaiter for years to come. Washable and reusable, it comes with a wide pop of color palette and features an excellent 4-way stretch elasticity, upgraded sewed edges, to say the least. Made from breathable polyester fabric, this multi-functional mask offers 13 unique ways to don it.

Super soft on the skin, this facial shield offers sturdy protection against the harmful sunlight, wind, or dust pollution anytime, anywhere. It instantly absorbs sweat and dries in minutes. What’s more, this comfy piece fits faces of all sizes and stays in place with no sliding, rolling, or fraying hands down.

  • High-quality polyester
  • Lightweight microfiber
  • Super-soft, stretchy, and breathable fabric
  • UPF 20-enabled
  • Long-shelf-life
  • One-size-fits-all 
  • Size can still vary a little
  • Double-check the quality and finishing

8. Jiyee Outdoor Neck Gaiter

Jiyee Outdoor Neck Gaiter

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Looking for the best headwear to protect your skin from the harsh weather every time you are outside home? Look no more. This Summer Neck Gaiter Face Mask from Jiyee incorporates some real smart features and technologies like UV block and heat transfer. Made from 100% soft ice silk, it’s designed to keep the wearer cool and comfy for those long hours of outdoor stay.

Did you know you could use this balaclava to keep the harmful ultraviolet rays at the bay? What’s more, it wicks moisture and sweat away without the need for a fancy odor. With more than 12 ways to wrap, this piece is a lot more than just a mask and a bang for your buck.

  • Ice silk cooling
  • Sun guard
  • Dust-resistant
  • Draws out heat and humidity
  • One-size-fits-all
  • Multipurpose face gear
  • Ear holes might be an issue
  • Needs a quality check
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7. iHeartRaves Face and Neck Gaiter

iHeartRaves Face and Neck Gaiter

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Versatile and multifunctional, this glistening face cover from iHeartRaves will keep you off all your outdoor facial fuss. Designed to be an extra breathable, this one comes with a seamless and stretchy fabric of all-polyester. It features sun protection, moisture draw-off, heat transfer, and smart dry tech the new-Gen explorer will savor.

Guess what, this face mask is crafted to accommodate almost every head and face contour. With more than 12 ways to wear, it can be your perfect accessory for everything from a backyard BBQ, yoga outing to a music concert, or even a party ballroom.

  • 100% microfiber polyester
  • Super light and airy
  • Heat and humidity control
  • Insta-dry mechanism
  • Dust-proof and sun-proof
  • Multifunctional design
  • Made in C.A.
  • Material might be thinner than displayed
  • Lacking a bit of the finishing on the edges

6. PAGE ONE Multifunctional Face Scarf

PAGE ONE Multifunctional Face Scarf

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No matter, you are biking, fishing or partying out, this Summer Neck Gaiter Face Mask by PAGE ONE is just everything outdoor pursuit goals. Sewed with solid polyester microfiber, this soft-to-touch and easy-to-dry musk feature an upgraded and multifunctional design like no other. Adorned with an eye-catching mesh-fabric combination, it packs quite a punch like lightweight structure, bind belt, active night reflection, and whatnot!

While this high-performance face gear is powered to block the sun and dust, its drawstring rope, upgraded sewed edges and 4-way stretch is here to keep your skin cozy and breezy minus efforts. That’s not all, you could style this bandana in a dozen ways and impress everyone out there.

  • High-quality microfiber and meshes
  • Multipurpose headwear
  • 4-way stretch
  • 12-unique ways to wear
  • Improved stitched edges
  • Flexible strap adjustment
  • Built to last
  • Be careful about that little disparity in color as reported by some reviewers
  • Fitting still might be an issue for some

5. LOLONG Face Bandana

LOLONG Face Bandana

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This face cover from LOLONG could be your next best pick this summer. Tailored to be super stretchy, this all-polyester, heavy-duty piece can protect you from sun, dust, wind, sand, and even those teeny-weeny bugs. While the fabric is knitted in the Leica double-line hemming technology, it offers an insta-cooling, drying, and fantastic moisture-wicking features unlike the ordinary masks on the market.

Did you know, the upper part of this balaclava is tailored to be extremely breathable? Thanks to its humanized ear-hook design. Even the bottom offers superior coverage around the neck and the shoulders. What’s more, its smart heat transfer technology will keep you cool wherever your restless feet take you.

  • Superior-quality polyester
  • Ergonomic design
  • Feather-light
  • Anti-slip design
  • Comprehensive protection
  • Fantastic stretch and elasticity
  • Easy to don and doff
  • Wear and break-resistant
  • Earloops might not be as flexible
  • There can be a little fitting issue for the bigger heads
  • Double-check the quality

 4. Geyoga Summer Face Cover

Geyoga Summer Face Cover

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This Summer Neck Gaiter Face Mask from Geyoga could be another great find for the activity enthusiasts. Grab one and you will no more fear of getting burned in the sun again. Carefully stitched with a sweat-absorbent and breathable mesh design, this polyester scarf is a multifunctional piece with the active sun, wind, and sand protection.

Did I just forget to mention, the face shield offers a seamless design, great stretch, and moisture-wicking? They can be worn as beanie, pirate cap, bandana, balaclava, and whatnot! So get ready to Unbox 6 vivid scarves while you pay for just one. No matter you gift some or choose to keep all the 6 to yourself, they are here to last multiple uses sans fading, pilling or shrinking.

  • Polyester
  • Sturdy elastic closure
  • Welded fabric
  • Strong UV protection
  • UV, sand and wind-proof
  • Insta-dry
  • 6 in the package
  • Can slide down the face
  • Might not fit every face size

 3. JOEYOUNG3D Face Mask


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Experience the true magic of realistic 3D designs with this cool bandana from JOEYOUNG. Crafted with soft and breezy polyester microfiber and adorned with stunning 3D images, it offers funky and crazy patterns to electrify your activities and turn heads. Albeit, this headwear is not all style over performance and substance.

Did you know, this versatile and fully-functional mask packs mighty UPF 40+ features? Not only that, but it also offers robust dust and wind control, sweat absorption, and exceptional wicking to keep your skin safe during those extended hours of exposure. Wear this balaclava in 12 smart ways and cocoon your face and neck in style all-seasons through.

  • Premium-quality polyester
  • All-weather headgear
  • 3D prints with trendsetting prints
  • Active UPF guard
  • Dust and wind resistant
  • Fantastic absorption and wicking
  • Material needs a check

2. Archiou Neck Gaiter

Archiou Neck Gaiter

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This headwear second in the list is from Archiou. Made to be lightweight, soft, and breezy, it makes the wearer happy and comfy on every outing.  Unique design and assorted functional fabrics like chinlon, nylon, and spandex make this Summer Neck Gaiter Face Mask a mighty protective gear against sun, dust, wind, and sand.

When it comes to the features, this do-it-all shield offers a 4-way stretch, sweat prevention, and a smart dry mechanism. Did you know, the balaclava can be wrapped in a variety of methods? Not just that it comes with a standard size that easily matches the needs of all, hence a great fit for almost all multi-outdoor activities.

  • High-quality materials
  • Unique structure
  • UPF 50+
  • Bad elements protection
  • Sweat control
  • Quick-dry
  • Might fit loose a little

1. INTO THE AM Face Cover

INTO THE AM Face Cover

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This artisanal piece from the galaxy of INTO THE AM is Second to none. Crafted with pure polyester microfiber, this mask is carefully engineered to enhance the comfort and performance of the wearer. While it offers a heavy-duty, multifaceted design, its advanced features against thermal and humidity add volume.

Did I just mention, this gaiter incorporates environmental-friendly features as well? It offers superior-quality sun protection, wicks moisture quickly and dries in minutes. Needless to say, this ergonomic piece is your this summer, every summer must-have.

  • 100% polyester
  • Thermal and humidity transferring fabric
  • Versatile and multifunctional structure
  • Seamless, quick-dry fabric
  • Sun guard
  • Crafted in California
  • Be sure to give the quality a closer look

How To Pick A Suitable Summer Neck Gaiter Face Mask:

While the above-mentioned list of the top-rated face masks could speed up your buying decision, it’s great to follow a shopping guideline to meet your specific needs and add quality to the shopping.

So, here’s a quick list of the points you should consider before buying your face and neck gaiter.

Let’s take a read…

  • Protection level
  • Fabric technology
  • Stretch and comfort
  • Size and fit
  • Quality and functionalities
  • Sun protection quotient
  • Heat, sweat transfer
  • Design and wearing options
  • Ease to clean and carry
  • Extra features to meet your personalized needs.


You will probably come across hundreds of thousands of variants of a face mask and neck gaiter. Freak not. All you need is to ask yourself why you need one and when you need it. Once you are done, just shortlist your products and compare them. It will help you pick smarter and quicker. So, get ready and get into shopping.

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