The Top Best Twinkle Lights For Party Decorations in 2020 Reviews & Buying Guide

Are you an event planner and more often you find yourself having to host events at night? You need the best twinkle lights to spice up the ambiance and atmosphere of the party. These lights use LED displays that are customizable for colorful lighting night or day. So, next time you have a birthday party, wedding, or family get together meetings going down, be sure to get yourself these lights.

In this review, we have included some of the best brands of twinkle lights for you. Compare the products in order to find what suits you best.

Here Are The Top Best Twinkle Lights in 2020 

10. Twinkle Star 33FT 100 LED Indoor String Lights

Twinkle Star 33FT 100 LED Indoor String Lights

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This twinkle string light will leave your parties illuminated giving you the very best experience. These lights are extensively used to hang around the Christmas tree. They are extendable up to 33 feet long and a distance of about 10 cm between the lights and comes with both the male and female charger plugin. It comes with 100 led that are non-removable eliminating chances of loose or broken bulbs. This also enhances the durability of the led bulbs. The lights have eight different functions ideal for different moods or scenario which is very impressive

This string light is ideal for almost all functions both indoor and outdoor parties, Valentine dinner parties, Christmas, birthday parties, and wedding parties just to mention a few. The strings are entirely waterproof, this keeps the party going even on rainy days. This product has a 100% guarantee, and they are very affordable.

  • Easy to install
  • Has multiple settings for different moods
  • They are waterproof
  • These twinkle lights are sturdy and very durable
  • They are small and compact

9. Twinkle Star 66FT 200 LED Indoor String Lights

Twinkle Star 66FT 200 LED Indoor String Lights

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These are one of the best twinkle lights in the market, with a 200 led the light is super bright. This is an update of the previous one. The string for his one is extendable up to 66ft ideal for larger events. You can also extend the string to a maximum of five light chains. The led and the chain are waterproof, so if the rain starts abruptly the lights will still be running. The lights provide a constant light with is not dimmable, they come with beautiful 8 customized modes for a different ambiance that vary is rhythm creating an electrifying environment.

Though this twinkle light string doesn’t come with a timer, the default themes and illumination is pretty impressive. The led bulbs are non-removable making them more durable. These twinkle lights are very easy to install and comes with a 100% quality guarantee.

  • They are easy to use
  • They are relatively brighter than the 100 LED
  • The battery last longer
  • The strings are waterproof
  • They are very simple to install

8. Minetom USB Fairy String Lights

Minetom USB Fairy String Lights

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The sight of these fairy twinkle lights evokes great pleasure, they are simply colorful. They look so sophisticated in design and functions, yet they are very easy to install. They come with a USB adapter, you can use them in any USB hub be it on your TV, woofer systems, computer, or a laptop just to mention a few. You can simply use the lights anywhere. These fairy lights come with durable silver strands that can be bent or twisted the way you like it. They come with four fairy modes that you easily customize the settings to suit your moods. It gives you the power to maneuver the different modes via remote control, using it you can set the timer, dim or brighten, change the color, change the flicker mode to smooth lights, and setting of the timer.

If you’re worried about overheating, these are one of the best twinkle lights you’ll ever meet, they include a 5V UL listed adapter and the wire are insulated keeping you safe. The whole lighting system including the USB ports is waterproof making it ideal for outdoor events. They also include a 12 months guarantee so that get you covered in case it disappoints you which I bet it won’t.

7. GDEALER 2 Pack Fairy Lights Christmas Décor

GDEALER 2 Pack Fairy Lights Christmas Décor

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These fairy lights are ideal for small decorations, say performance dress decorations, Christmas tree, a gift wrap, flower vases extra. The string is only 20ft with a 60 led battery. Due to its wide application, you’ll find it in usage quite often. It has eight lovely modes to spice up your moods, comes with a remote to personalize your settings. Quite often you might get carried away at the moment and forget to turn off the lights, that’s why it comes with a timer to help you get through that.

If you think the length of the string isn’t enough, you can simply bend the edges and join more strings to make one long string. With a spacing of four inches between the 60 led bulbs the illumination with being just enough you. The whole tinkle light system is waterproof which makes it suitable for outdoor events. However, the battery compartment should not be exposed too much in water and the only original battery should be used to avoid leakages. The lights do not overheat and have a 100% quality guarantee.

  • They are easy to install
  • It is small and compact, ideal for many small decorations
  • The lights can be dimmed
  • Multiple flickering options
  • Does not overheat

6. Twinkle Star 100 LED 49 FT Star String Lights

Twinkle Star 100 LED 49 FT Star String Lights

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These twinkle star led string lights will lighten alleviate your spirits. They are ideal for birthday parties, weddings, and room decorations. They are designed with beautiful themes aimed at bringing the best experience out of every occasion. This high-quality string lights are made from strong plastic for robustness and are 29volts with UL 588 certified for maximum safety. It comes with both a male and female plugs and you have an option of extending the string up to 10 lights chain.

The amazing feature is the IP44 energy saver bulb, they use energy power than the traditional bulb and are also waterproof. However, you need to be warned that the transformer is not waterproof. Therefore, it shouldn’t be exposed to water or any other liquid. Enjoy the nine customizable modes that come with this string light. You can also extend the string for a suitable length using a lead wire that comes with it. These lights can only be used plugged into the wall, these model doesn’t have a battery. If this should be a problem for you, there are other variants of this model you can find with a battery compartment.

  • It is foldable
  • It is bright enough
  • Its construction plastic material is durable
  • It is light small and compact

5. YIHONG Fairy String Lights USB Powered

YIHONG Fairy String Lights USB Powered

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This piece of fairy string lights is arguably one of the best twinkle lights so far. Apart from the magnificent lovely modes offered by this model, it comes with several unique features you won’t find in any other USB powered string lights in the stores. In the box, it comes with an RF remote for high intensive signals unattainable by other normal remotes. The modes are very creative and the colors are something to die for. Having your party or room illuminated by this model, you’ll be hesitant to ever want to change it.

They are sturdy, compact, and very easy to install and use even the kids can do it. They do not overheat after use for extensive periods and comes with a timer that is used to set them on and off. The length of the string is about ten meters which is okay. It also comes with 3AAA batteries which last longer depending on your usage.

  • It has a powerful remote
  • It’s easy to install and use
  • Can be used anywhere since it’s battery-powered
  • It’s small, sturdy and durable

4. Twinkle star 200 LED 66 FT copper string

Twinkle star 200 LED 66 FT copper string

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We all love to watch the sky at night, especially with that someone special to us. What if, you were allowed to make that twinkly star-filled sky in your living room or even bedroom, would that not be amazing? The twinkle star 200 LED ft. copper string lights fairy string is made from high quality, easy to bend copper wire enabling you to manipulate it easily and make any shape that you desire. Depending on the nature of the party or one’s preference, it can be set into 8 different modes which include combination, in waves, sequential, slogs, chasing/flash, slow fade, twinkle/flash, and lastly steady on.

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These twinkle lights are easy to use, you just need to directly plugin for power on and unplug it out for power off. To adjust to any of the eight modes, you press the button on the USB for adjustment. You don’t need to keep going to the plug to turn on or off; you can easily do it through the remote, to also adjust their brightness and to change their mode of setting.

These twinkle lights are safe to use even around kids. The copper wire parts of the string lights are fully sealed making them water-resistant and since they have low voltage they do not overheat even after using them for hours. Since most of the kids are usually very curious and may be tempted to touch them, they will not get hurt in the process.

  • These lights are easy to use
  • These lights have different modes that meet the mood and reason for the party.
  • They provide a lot of sparkle and lighting thus make the place beautiful.
  • This model can withstand light showers and water spills on them.
  • They are very affordable, and they serve the intended purpose well.

3. Twinkle star 300 LED window curtain string light

Twinkle star 300 LED window curtain string light

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These curtains are perfect for both indoor and outdoor. They can be used for any ceremonies be it Christmas parties, weddings, Valentine’s Day, festivals even shopping centers, and commercial buildings. They do not come with curtains but are only string lights which are mostly used for curtain decorations. The environment of a party greatly influences the mood of the guests in attendance. With these best twinkly lights models, you can brighten up the surroundings’ to bring radiance to your guests.

They come in 8 different modes of settings combination giving you a personalized ambiance. They include sequential, slogs, chasing/flash, slow fade, in waves, twinkle/flash, and steady on. The modes are meant for various moods, holidays, anniversaries, festivals, and even feelings. The mood during a valentine’s dinner and kids’ birthday party would not be the same. These lights are very easy to use, for power on simply plugin and unplug for power off. They are 8.9 feet long and can, therefore, be used to decorate a larger area. They have a total of 300 led warm white lights that laminate enough light for you. Light showers and water spills should not be a worry since they are designed to withstand that.

  • They decorate the room and can be easily formed into any shape or pattern
  • These lights can be used to bring a romantic atmosphere into the room by simply wrapping them on flowers and plants.
  • They are safe to touch even since they do not easily overheat.
  • Batter pack control system is easy to use
  • It offers a large range of light pattern choices and hence can meet the diverse needs of different clients.

2. GDEAER 4pack fairy lights Christmas décor

GDEAER 4pack fairy lights Christmas décor

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These lights come in varying colors among them cool white and warm white. Since they do not produce very bright light, they can be used to decorate the baby’s nurseries to create a nice ambiance at night for them because they don’t get hot. Not only in parties, but they can also be used to decorate a van for an overnight relay; this would bring so much fun. They are easily portable and you can use them anywhere including the backyard.

In case you forget to turn them off; you may consider setting control of leaving them on for 6 hours and 18 hours off daily. They are 5 meters long and a total of 50 LEDs hence can be used to decorate a larger area. They are again very easy to operate, to adjust their brightness; you can use one button on the battery box. It also has 8 different mode settings that you can choose to depend on the occasion they are being used for. The lights come with four remotes which are all universal and you can simply select any set that you want to control and any of the remotes will work. The remotes are very convenient and easy to use and the battery pack is large enough and water-resistant. Lastly, the lights are waterproof, and they withstand light showers without any damages.

  • Their remotes are convenient and easy to use.
  • The battery pack is water-resistant and hence not easily damageable.
  • Safe to use around kids since they do not get hot to burn them.
  • They have a timer to control them and hence do not need regular physical monitoring.
  • They bring beauty and liveliness wherever they are used.
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1. Twinkle star 300LED Outdoor Indoor Wall Decorations

Twinkle star 300LED Outdoor Indoor Wall Decorations

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Imagine holding a party in a galaxy like a venue. The twinkle star 300 led window curtain string lights can help you turn this dream into a reality. These lights are easy to use since all you have to do is directly plug in and unplug it for power on and power off. It uses the US standard outlet voltage of 110v.

The rain should not bother you since they are made to withstand light showers. It is waterproof (ip44) and they are the perfect decorations for both indoor and outdoor parties. Do not host your Christmas or Valentine in the usual room, spice up your romantic experience with these decoration curtains. These lights will make your room beautiful. They are not to be used only once but you can use them later, they are of high quality and hence are quite durable. They measure 6.6 feet in width and 9.8 feet in length, and they have a total count of 300 warm white led lights.

The curtains are UL certified output and wire, 29 voltage safe curtain lights. They are string lights and do not come with a curtain, they are mostly used to decorate the curtains. Again, depending on the nature of the party, they can be set into 8 different modes which are sequential, combination, in-waves, slo-glo, chasing/flash, slow fade, twinkle, and steady on.

  • Have high brightness, they provide widespread lighting source and a powerful source of light.
  • They are waterproof and are designed to withstand light showers.
  • These lights create a beautiful venue and hence make life beautiful
  • They are of quality and hence are durable.

What to Consider Before Purchasing the Best Twinkle Lights

Decorating your room or your occasion is a good thing. It makes the atmosphere livelier and much fun. To achieve your desire you need to consider buying the best twinkle lights available. But, how do you know what you are committing to buy is any good? Read through the following points to understand what you need to consider before buying.


The bigger the event the more lights you shall need. Depending on your budget and other considerations it is always good to find the most cost-effective one without compromising on the quality.


Although most string lights can be turned into different modes, each is designed and customized to be used in a specific environment. Some are used best for indoors to decorate walls, curtains, attires, extra, while others are best suited for outdoor activates.

Length of the string

Twinkle string lights vary in lengths. Although they can be joined together, it is best if you can buy a longer string light to avoid the headache.


Buying a twinkle light and soon after it dies on you before your event start can be disappointing. Ensure you understand the material used to make the twinkle light you wish to buy. It is important to ensure you’re buying a waterproof string light.

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