The Top Best Universal Waterproof Phone Pouch Reviews & Buying Guide

We spend so much time and money in buying a phone that we like, carefully going through the different models available and picking the one that matches our expectations. We even go through the same process of comparing and choosing the best accessories that fit our phone. So, shouldn’t we make sure we take care of it? Not just in terms of having a mobile case and a screen guard, that take the hit when your phone hits the ground, but also safeguarding it from water. Yes, most phones these days are waterproof, but they can only resist water to a certain extent.

Imagine taking your phone for a dip, on one of your trips, to take pictures. Do you think your phone will survive? Don’t worry; there is a perfect solution to protect your phone – the universal waterproof phone pouch.

Just like any other accessory for phones, there are millions of waterproof phone pouch manufacturers out there. Rather than having to sort through them to find your phone’s perfect match, we’ve narrowed down ten best universal waterproof pouches. From our today review list, you can pick a universal waterproof phone pouch that appeals the most to you.

These Are The Top Best Universal Waterproof Phone Pouch Reviews

10. Smarttle Universal Waterproof Outdoor Phone Pouch

Smarttle Universal Waterproof Outdoor Phone Pouch

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Smarttle waterproof phone pouch is an ideal swimsuit for your phone when you’re taking it for a dip. The size of this pouch is around 6.9″, which is capable of holding a variety of phone models such as the iPhone 11/11 Pro, XR, XE, Samsung Galaxy and other phones of similar sizes.

Why Buy This Product

Smarttle’s waterproof phone pouches come in a pack of 4, at an affordable price. The rims of these pouches are fluorescent, which makes them cool in the light outdoors. You get an IPX8 certificate of clearance for submerging the pouch in the water up to a depth of 20 meters or 65 feet. The touch-sensitivity of this waterproof pouch offers a delay-free, quick response. Apart from being waterproof with a secure locking system to prevent water from entering the pouch, it is also dustproof and snowproof. You can capture crystal clear pictures and videos with this scratch-resistant, waterproof phone pouch.

Key Features
  • Waterproof, dustproof, snowproof and scratch-resistant
  • Delay-free touch-sensitivity through a 0.3mm super thin yet sturdy material
  • Dual swivel secure lock that locks out water
  • 9 inches in size, compatible with most phones
  • Pack of 4 with 4-fluorescent colored rims
  • IPX8 certified up to 20m/65 ft deep
  • Comes in a pack of 4 with 4-different fluorescent colors
  • Clear picture and video clarity

9. Syncwire Universal Waterproof Phone Dry Bag with Lanyard

Syncwire Universal Waterproof Phone Dry Bag with Lanyard

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Syncwire presents its solution to your waterproof pouch needs. Almost all phones – from iPhones to Samsung – are compatible in this 7-inch waterproof pouch with lanyard. You can take this kayaking, skiing, surfing, snorkeling, and underwater up to a depth of 30m without any trouble.

Why Buy This Product

Offered as a pack of 2, this portable waterproof lanyard pouch by Syncwire is designed to hold a weight of 20kg with ease. You can be assured that water will be locked out of this waterproof pouch with the help of its secure snap and lock system. The IPX8 certificate allows you to use this lanyard in waters up to 30m deep. A soft, supreme quality, TPU material is used to make this portable waterproof pouch with a lanyard, which makes it sensitive to touch. You can shoot high-quality videos and pictures with this pouch.

Key Features
  • Pack of 2 black colored pouches
  • IPX8 certificate for depth up to 30m
  • Soft, sensitive-touch TPU material
  • Carries 20kg of weight
  • 7 inches in size, compatible with most phones
  • Soft, sensitive touch
  • Can hold weight up to 20kg
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8. Moko Universal Waterproof Phone Dry Bag with Armband

Moko Universal Waterproof Phone Dry Bag with Armband

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If you’re looking for a good companion for your phone to take it underwater, try Moko’s waterproof phone pouch with an armband and a neck strap. Almost all phones under 6.6 inches in size can easily fit into this universal waterproof pouch with lanyard. You can now take clear pictures and videos with this dual-transparency waterproof phone pouch.

Why Buy This Product

Moko waterproof phone pouches arrive in a pack of 2, with one pouch being a standard black; for the other pouch, you have seven color options to choose from. Being made using a lightweight PVC, your phone gets the protection it requires from water, sand, etc., and also enables touch-sensitive access to your phone. Additionally, this waterproof pouch with lanyard has a dual swivel lock with sealable clips that completely locks out water, dirt, and other such elements. Apart from having a detachable lanyard for hanging your phone around your neck, it also comes with an armband for holding it safely by your arm. The IPX8 certificate allows you to take this waterproof pouch up to a depth of 30m/98ft.

Key Features
  • Compatible universally with all phones under 6.6″ in size
  • Designed with lightweight, anti-scratch, and touch-friendly PVC
  • Dual function of lanyard and velcro armband
  • Pair of one black and one colored with seven color options
  • Dual swivel lock with sealable clips for secure protection
  • Dual functionality to carry the pouch – a lanyard and a velcro armband
  • Offered as a pair of one black and one colored, with seven color variants

7. FITFORT Universal Waterproof Mobile Pouch

FITFORT Universal Waterproof Mobile Pouch

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FITFORT’s waterproof phone pouch is a good buy for being a bodyguard to your phone, keeping the waterproof away from it. You can hang this waterproof pouch around your neck with the strap provided and go to your pool parties. The transparent PVC material of the pouch with a secure lock will protect your phone from water seeping in.

Why Buy This Product

All phones, universally, under the size of 5.5 inches, can be kept in this dry phone pouch. The dual swivel lock with an added plastic zipper will prevent the water from entering into the pouch and thereby your phone. FITFORT provides these waterproof phone pouches in packs of 4 with four fluorescent colors – blue, rose red, orange, and black. The material of the pouch is a 0.3mm super thin, transparent PVC that offers good touch-sensitivity. You can capture pictures, and videos with ease with this IPX8 certified pouch at 20m/66ft below sea level.

Key Features
  • Dual swivel lock with additional plastic zipper for protection
  • Made of 0.3mm transparent PVC material
  • Pack of 4 with fluorescent colors – blue, black, orange, rose red
  • Pouch size of 5.5 inches, compatible with phones universally
  • Fantastic video and picture clarity
  • 12-month free warranty

6. MPow 084 Universal Waterproof Pack of 2 Phone Pouch

MPow 084 Universal Waterproof Pack of 2 Phone Pouch

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MPow 084 is a stylish and easy-to-carry waterproof phone pouch. All universal phones under the size of 6.5 inches can fit without any problem in this waterproof phone pouch. If your phone weighs less than 7.1 oz, it can float along with you in water. Pretty cool, isn’t it?

Why Buy This Product

MPow 084 is a scratch-proof phone pouch that you can use to carry your phone to keep it safe from the snow, water, sand, dust, etc. The touch-sensitivity offered is impressive. The videos and pictures recorded via this transparent waterproof pouch have great clarity. However, the feature that stands out the most is the pouch’s air circle padded rim that enables phones up to 7.1 oz to float in the water. Being offered as a pack of 2, the pouch has four color combos to choose from – black+black, black+pink, black+white, and black+green. The snap and clasp locking system of this TPU material based pouch offers excellent protection against water seeping in. The IPX8 certificate allows this pouch to be submerged up to 100 ft in water.

Key Features
  • Compatible with devices under 6.5 inches
  • Air circle padded rim to help phones under 7.1oz to float
  • Pack of 2 – black+black, black+pink, black+white, or black+green
  • TPU material with snap and clasp lock
  • Scratch-proof, touch-friendly, and transparent pouch
  • Floatable pouches that support phones weighing up to 7.1oz
  • Home button works for most phones

5. ProCase Universal Waterproof Mobil Phone Dry Bag

ProCase Universal Waterproof Mobil Phone Dry Bag

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ProCase’s take on waterproof pouches comes with an innovative design that allows you to access the side buttons of your phone with ease. Mobiles phones under the size of 6.9 inches can fit comfortably in this transparent waterproof pouch. From pool parties to beaches and grocery shopping in snowy winters, you can carry your phone around in this pouch to keep it dry and safe.

Why Buy This Product

ProCase arrives in packs of 2 with five options – both clear, both black, pink+black, green+black, and white+black. You can easily access the side buttons of your phone while underwater with its innovative design. Your phone gets protection not only from water and snow, but also from sand, and dust, with this scratch-resistant, securely sealed pouch. Touch-sensitivity works pretty well underwater and captures quality images and videos. You can use this phone pouch underwater up to a depth of 100 ft as per its IPX8 certificate.

Key Features
  • Universally compatible with mobiles smaller than 6.9.”
  • Scratch-proof, dust-proof, and snow-proof
  • The design provides easy access to the side buttons of your phone
  • IPX8 certified up to 100 ft below sea level
  • Innovative design with provisions for easy access to side buttons
  • Touch screen works very well in water

4. MPow Universal Pack of 3 Waterproof Cell Phone Pouch

MPow Universal Pack of 3 Waterproof Cell Phone Pouch

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MPow’s waterproof phone pouch is compatible with all phones, universally, under 6.8 inches in size. Take this waterproof phone pouch on all your boat trips, kayaking adventures, and even while snorkeling underwater, to record all your memories through your phone’s camera. MPow guarantees the phone pouch is not only waterproof but also snowproof, and dustproof – free of dust particles.

Why Buy This Product

MPow’s waterproof phone pouches have IPX8 properties that make it safe – both waterproof and dustproof. You can choose from the two variants available – green+blue+orange and pink+black+blue – for this waterproof proof pouch, which arrives in packs of 3. The design of MPow’s waterproof pouch includes an ABS seal clip, which gives it reliable protection from leakage. The detachable lanyard is flexible and comfortable to hang around your neck. Touch-sensitivity is quite impressive through the thin material that makes this pouch.

Key Features
  • Packs of 3 with 2 variants – green+blue+orange or pink+black+blue
  • IPX8 properties of protection from water, snow, and dust
  • ABS clip-based strong locking system
  • Detachable, flexible, comfortable lanyard
  • Fits all mobiles under 6.8.”
  • ABS clip-based locking system that provides solid protection from water seeping in
  • IPX8 certified for safety from water, dust, snow and ordinary diving up to 49 ft
  • 18-month warranty

3. Hiearcool Universal Mobile Phone Waterproof Dry Bag

Hiearcool Universal Mobile Phone Waterproof Dry Bag

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Hiearcool introduces a universal mobile pouch that is waterproof, compatible with all phones under 7 inches. You can carry not only your phone in this pouch but also money, credit cards and, other non-sharp objects to safeguard them from water.

Why Buy This Product

Hiearcool waterproof phone pouch lets take high-quality pictures and videos while underwater. You have four combinations to choose from for these pack of 2 waterproof phone pouches. IPX8 certificate guarantees that this waterproof pouch is useful to use up to 100 ft below sea level. The snap clasp sealing system locks out water completely. The transparent material, with which this pouch is made, allows you easy, delay-free access to the touch-sensitive screen of your phone.

Key Features
  • Universally compatible with all phones under the size of 7.”
  • Touch-friendly with access to the home button
  • IPX8 certified up to 100 ft/30m
  • Pack of 2 with four different color combinations
  • Snap clasp secure sealing system
  • Offers 12-month warranty
  • Supports 30-day trial

2. MPow 097 Universal Waterproof Phone Case

MPow 097 Universal Waterproof Phone Case

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MPow’s 097 is a handy waterproof phone pouch that is universally compatible with phones under 6.8 inches. Offered as a pack of 2, with three combinations to pick from, it is an affordable accessory for your phone. With this accessory, you can go rafting, take a dip in a waterfall or even go surfing with your phone and not worry about it getting damaged.

Why Buy This Product

MPow 097 is made of an ultra-thin 0.18mm material, which makes it perfect for using your phone’s touch-screen delay-free underwater; enhanced touch-sensitivity can be experienced. The dual lock system secures your phone, money, credit card, tickets, and any non-sharp item that you carry inside this pouch. The IPX8 certified, transparent pouch allows you to take crystal clear videos and pictures underwater.

Key Features
  • The ultra-thin PVC material of 0.18mm thickness
  • Compatible with all phones under 6.8 inches
  • IPX8 certified for safety from water, ice, and dust
  • Ultra-thin 0.18mm, transparent PVC material with dual lock system
  • Pack of 2 with 3-color variants – black+black, green+pink, and yellow+black
  • Ultra-thin 0.18mm PVC material that makes it extremely touch-friendly, and takes crystal clear pictures and videos
  • Pocket-friendly, pack of 2 waterproof pouches

1. JOTO Universal Cell Phone Waterproof Case for Outdoors

JOTO Universal Cell Phone Waterproof Case for Outdoors

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JOTO’s universal waterproof pouch, although offered as a pack of 1 unlike its competitors, is made up of high-quality material. You are offered a wide variety of 14 different colors to choose from. All mobile phones that are smaller than 7 inches can fit into this phone pouch perfectly. You can take your phone wherever you go – pool parties, kayaking trips, scuba diving adventures, etc.

Why Buy This Product

JOTO’s scratch-resistant phone pouch allows you to record videos and pictures with HD quality. Apart from safeguarding your phone from water, making it waterproof, this pouch is also dustproof and snowproof. The secure lock system guarantees to seal 100% of the pouch away from water. Additionally, the IPX8 certificate allows you to submerge the pouch with your phone up to 100 ft deep. Moreover, this product comes with a nano liquid screen protector, a dry wipe, and a wet wipe.

Key Features
  • Pack of 1 with 14 different color options
  • Compatible universally with all phones under 6.9.”
  • Waterproof, dustproof, and snowproof
  • Touch-friendly, scratch-resistant with the excellent quality recording of videos and pictures
  • IPX8 certified up to 100 ft
  • Includes dry wipe, wet wipe, and nano screen protector
  • Additionally comes with a nano screen protector, a dry wipe, and a wet wipe
  • Sharp, HD quality pictures and videos

Factors To Consider While Buying The Universal Waterproof Phone Pouch

What factors should you consider to find an excellent universal waterproof phone pouch? Here are a few of them to help you pick one:


The primary purpose of getting a waterproof phone pouch is to make sure that your phone is protected from damage due to water. So, the material is one of the primary factors to contemplate while buying a waterproof phone pouch. The pouch should be made up of a material that completely locks out water from getting inside it, keeping it dry even if you go underwater with it. Many waterproof phone pouches also come with a material that keeps your phone safe from snow, food, dirt, sand, and so on.


A waterproof phone pouch comes in a variety of sizes for each phone model. So, it is a crucial step to compare the size of your phone, and your model, with that of the waterproof phone pouch; Choose the waterproof pouch that matches your phone’s size perfectly so that it is fully protected from water from all the sides.


Another one of the vital factors to scrutinize is the touch-sensitivity. What is the point of taking your phone, along with you, into the water, if you can’t click pictures or record videos? To be able to do that, you must be able to use your phone. That is, the waterproof pouch must have a good touch-sensitivity, letting you operate your phone even though the pouch’s material.

Benefits Of A Universal Waterproof Phone Pouch

A universal waterproof phone pouch lets your phone tag along to the things you enjoy, such as surfing, skiing, dancing in the rain, and even singing in the shower; you needn’t worry about the water’s effect on your phone and what damage it can cause. Instead, simply buy one of these outstanding waterproof pouches that suit your phone. Just put your phone into your waterproof phone pouch and jump into the water with it. The pouch will lock out all the water, and you can record some fantastic, valuable souvenirs from your trip.

Take a look at some of the significant benefits of owning a waterproof phone pouch:

  • You can resume your cameraman duties, capturing all precious moments while you join your dear ones in the water without worrying about your phone’s safety.
  • You need not worry about safeguarding your phone during an unexpected torrential downpour.
  • Ir can also protect your phone from dirt, sand, snow, and the like


There are so many memories we get to make during our lifetime. And, most often, it is during an adventurous trip with our loved ones. Wouldn’t you want to capture those precious moments with your smartphone? You wouldn’t want the water to get in the way of that. With a universal waterproof phone pouch, you’ll be able to record memories – be it at the beach, kayaking, swimming in a pool, or even scuba diving. No amount of water can now pose a threat to your phone.

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