Top 10 Best Walkie Talkies for Kids in 2020 Reviews & Buying Guide

Toys are an amazing way to start children’s creative minds and keep them connected as well as active throughout the day, and kids love them too. For kids, Walkie Talkie is a sort of toy which not just gives them satisfaction by messing around like a spying agent yet additionally helps them with building secure communication and technical skills.

That is the reason we are here with a rundown of the top 10 best Walkie talkies for kids, which are very much explored solely for mindful customers like you. So make your choice by checking out our reviews and buying guide section given below.

We have ensured the best of all factors and considered all the benefits to come up with this list of top 10best walkie talkies for kids.

Here Are The Top 10 Best Walkie Talkies For Kids Reviews In 2020

10. Anpro walkie talkies and Telescope Sets for Kids

Anpro walkie talkies and Telescope Sets for Kids

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The adventure game consists of 2 walkie talkies and two binoculars that provide enough motivation for the kids to play outdoors. You can use them indoors or outdoors but have a better range in the open field. It required 3 AAA batteries to work. Despite its compact size for easy portability, it comes with features like LCD screen and 22 channels.

Why Buy This Product

It uses Environment-friendly ABS material and has low radiation levels. The ergonomic design of the walkie talkie is easy on kids’ hands. Encourages both indoor and outdoor play and helps to keep in touch when camping or during a picnic. The flashlight and the belt clip are convenient features that allow extended playtime.

Key Features
  • 5x magnification binoculars
  • 22 channels walkie talkie
  • 3-mile radius range
  • Inbuilt flashlight
  • LCD
  • A belt clip for hanging the device to free hands during play
  • Multiple channels for engaging in fun-filled activities
  • Long-range helps to cover the large play area
  • Binoculars for spy roleplay come with a strap
  • Also useful during night time as it has an inbuilt flashlight
  • Need to buy batteries each time

9. HLAOLA Kids Walkie Talkies

HLAOLA Kids Walkie Talkies

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The colorfully designed walkie talkies for playing are ergonomically designed. The two devices can communicate using a 2-way radio. It has 22 channels to communicate either individually or as a group in various manners. The clarity of the voice is enhanced by automatic cancellation of background noise using a continuous tone Code squelch system.

Why Buy This Product

With its multiple safety certifications, it is safe to use by your kids. This product is made of environmentally friendly material. The flashlight is useful while playing in the dark. The belt clip allows clipping of the walkie-talkie to the belt when not in use if you are not happy with the product, the manufacturer is offering a 12-month replacement or moneyback guarantee.

Key Features
  • 2-way radio
  • 22 channels
  • Backlit LCD screen
  • Flashlight with a smooth cap
  • Camouflage design
  • A long 3-mile range that is useful even for camping sites
  • LCD screen with battery and signal indicator
  • Stable signal with 99 low-frequency sounds
  • Clear voice as it mutes the background sounds automatically
  • Has multiple certifications including FCC and ROHS
  • Does not include batteries

8. WosportsKids Walkie Talkies – 3 Pack Two Way Radios

WosportsKids Walkie Talkies - 3 Pack Two Way Radios

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The quick pairing facility for all the radios in your group makes initial preparation a breeze, each time you use it. You can contact your partner using group messaging even when they are not on the grid. It helps you to connect with your teammates or parents during an outdoor activity.

Why Buy This Product

LED flashlight is bright and useful in the dark, especially when outdoors. Clear sound with no background noises as the anti-interference technology is used to cut all background noises. The long-range of wireless with 22 channels offers a lot of fun time for kids. There are 99 low frequency sounds to use if required.

Key Features
  • Channel-lock function
  • 22 main channels
  • Wireless range of 3 km
  • 99 low-frequency sounds
  • Anti-interference for clarity
  • Useful for indoor playing and outdoor activities
  • Compact size that fits in a child’s hand easily
  • Supports messaging for communication when off-grid
  • Channel setting is secure using codes and PTT button
  • Belt clip for clipping the device anywhere
  • No alert for low battery

7. Ninos Children’s Walkie Talkie Set

Ninos Children's Walkie Talkie Set

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These children’s walkie talkies have an inbuilt mic, which works as a 2-way radio. This device had an inbuilt, backlit LCD screen and displayed the battery charge and signal. The flashlight helps you to play even during the night. A rechargeable port is provided for recharging the batteries. These come as a set of attractive and bright pink and yellow colors.

Why Buy This Product

Crystal clear transmission walkie talkie is just of your palm size and easily handleable by a kid. Also, its lightweight does not add up to your hefty luggage while traveling. When you are outdoor camping, you can keep in contact with your family while you go hiking or a walk nearby.

Key Features
  • US and EU standard safe
  • ABS eco-friendly material
  • 22 channels
  • 38 privacy codes
  • 10 call tones
  • Low battery alert allows you to keep the batteries charged
  • Battery recharging option eliminates the need to replace them
  • Back LCD shows the screen even in the dark
  • The ten different call tones are a fascination to kids
  • Long-range of voice transmission allows more adventure
  • Did not provide any charger or rechargeable batteries.

6. QNIGLO FRS Walkie Talkies with FM

QNIGLO FRS Walkie Talkies with FM

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The cute looking pink and purple walkie talkies are sure to keep your little ones engaged. You get an Inbuilt FM radio to entertain yourself or your kids when they are alone. The longstanding battery means uninterrupted fun for kids. Simple button operation with attractive buttons. The lanyard and the waist belt allow you to wear it like a watch or a necklace.

Why Buy This Product

The walkie talkie also displays time and also doubles as a watch. It has 22 channels and transmits to a 2-mile range. The 45 days moneyback guarantee allows you to use this product for a considerable time without losing on your money.

Key Features
  • Inbuilt FM radio
  • 24-hour runtime
  • 5 days stand by
  • Flashed colorful lights
  • Kitty shaped
  • Wear it on your wrist like a watch or attach to your bike using the belt
  • The provision to the recharge the batteries using port
  • They add the inbuilt FM radio and the time display useful features
  • Lanyard for easy carry and remove handsfree operation
  • The cute shape of the kitty with the colorful lights is adorable
  • Expensively priced product
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5. Kids Walkie Talkies 3 KMs Long Range 2 Way Radio

Kids Walkie Talkies 3 KMs Long Range 2 Way Radio

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Summer camping, our outing, can be more fun using these walkie talkies. They work up to a 3 km range, and you can be doing different activities yet keep in touch all the time. Scanning button to locate the channels and use them efficiently. This walkie talkie can handle 22 channels.

Why Buy This Product

You have a PTT button meaning press to talk button to attend the incoming or to make a call. Another button allows you to lock the call where you can use it hands-free. The VOX baby monitor feature comes handy when you require some monitoring. Flashlight on the top and the backlight on the LCD screen make the toy fascinating.

Key Features
  • LED flashlight
  • 22 channels
  • 3 km of transmission range
  • VOX baby monitor
  • Backlit LCD screen
  • The auto power saver mode helps in saving the battery
  • VOX baby monitor option is provided
  • Calling many people at once is possible
  • HD voice clarity for clear transmission and call lock facility
  • The light on the LCD screen makes the toy interesting for kids
  • No recharge jock

4. BYBOO Baofeng T3 Kids Walkie Talkies

BYBOO Baofeng T3 Kids Walkie Talkies

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The pair of walkie talkies come in the calm and soothing blue color. They have a belt clip for attaching it to your clothing or backpack. THE backlit LCD screen displays the battery level and the signal. Inbuilt LED flashlight glows in blue and gives a real special ops kind of feeling to kids. The spy game gets more thrilling when they get to speak form a distance.

Why Buy This Product

The 22 channels can be auto scanned and there 38 privacy codes that can be used with each station. The ten call tones, call alert, low battery alert all make music grabbing kids’ attention. It is an interactive, fun, and learning toy for kids. The volume adjustment keeps the walkie talkies at a bearable sound level. An apt gift for Christmas or birthdays to both your kids and other kids.

Key Features
  • 3-5 km range of distance
  • LCD screen with light
  • Blue LED flashlight
  • 22FRS and GMRS channels
  • VOX hands-free operation
  • Jack to connect earpiece allows easy hands-free operation
  • Scans for the channels easily using the auto-scan feature
  • VOX voice facility for hands-free operation of the device
  • Sound quality and the wide transmission range are plus points
  • Not found

3. Car Guardiance Walkie Talkies for Kids

Car Guardiance Walkie Talkies for Kids

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The walkie talkie features an extended range of 6kms, which is very impressive when compared to other devices. The camouflaged design gives a military feel to the kids. There is a flashlight on the top, and the LCD screen is lit by a backlight, making it look like a piece of real equipment. They are designed ergonomically as they stay in kid’s hands for a long time, and they must be easy to handle.

Why Buy This Product

The 22-channel range has several possibilities. These devices have a low radiation power of 0.5W that does not affect the child. Keeping in touch during outdoor activities like hiking, cycling, camping, and picnics will become easy. Clear voice transmission is real and unlike other devices where voice is all muffled.

Key Features
  • Inbuilt flashlight
  • Call alert function
  • Push-to-talk button
  • Attractive colors of body
  • Backlit LCD screen
  • Designed ergonomically and easy on hands
  • Low radiation that does not harm your kid
  • Wide range of 6km reaches a long distance
  • Look and features similar to a real mission device
  • Keypad lock facility to avoid touching wrong buttons
  • Did not provide batteries

2. Retevis RT628 Walkie Talkies for Kids

Retevis RT628 Walkie Talkies for Kids

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Attractive looking red and black colored walkie talkies are designed bot aesthetically and ergonomically. They have fewer buttons for smooth operation. The outer body is a slip surface as the lines on the side allow a good grip, which aids the little fingers to hold it with ease. The 22 channels are available, and you can use the VOX for hands-free calling.

Why Buy This Product

The small and lightweight of 90g per each device implies it is easy to handle toys for a long time. The belt clip and earpiece jock type of provisions make it more useful and allow you to enjoy the hands-free experience. The outdoor play will be transformed into a hi-tech spy game or and undercover agent game, to name a few. Even adults can take part and spend time with your children using this equipment.

Key Features
  • Keypad lock
  • VOX function
  • Earpiece jock
  • Backlit LCD screen
  • Belt clip attachment
  • Camping, hiking or any outdoor activity these come handy
  • Keypad locking avoids accidental touching of the buttons
  • VOX facility is useful in operating the device without using hands
  • The lightweight of the device is an added advantage for the little hands
  • Wide range of channels and single or multiple broadcast
  • Not found

1. Obuby Walkie Talkies for Kids

Obuby Walkie Talkies for Kids

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This toy is IPX5 waterproof and provides extra protection, ensuring durability. The rubber finishing on its sides is comfortable to grip and does not slip. It provides a lamp on top for use in dark situations—the backlit LCD screen for checking the channel numbers and setting one. There are several buttons, and each one is assigned one operation, which is simple to use.

Why Buy This Product

By gifting this device to kids, you will never go wrong. It is useful for both boys and girls, and if a brother and a sister can agree to play one game unanimously, then it will be the walkie talkie game. So, having this transmitting 2-way radio is useful for both indoor and outdoor play. These adventure toys will also help in allowing them to explore and keep them safe at the same time.

Key Features
  • Anti-interference
  • Lamp with cap
  • Wide LCD screen
  • Rubber finish grip
  • IPX5 waterproof
  • Real-time monitoring is possible using this device
  • Crystal clear voice transmission is engaging
  • Multiple or single broadcast options
  • Volume level adjustment for comfortable sound
  • Useful as a safety device for children for anti-wandering
  • Expensive than other similar products

Factor To Be Considered While Purchasing The Best Walkie Talkies For Kids

If you are up for buying walkie talkies for your kids, the factors stated below are there to make you ensure a quality product so that the product provides you with the best experience and lasts longer than general expectations with these kinds of toys.

Speakers Quality

Speakers are the critical factor to be emphasized while leading a buy. Just to avoid ruining the valuable moments of your children, it ought to be guaranteed that speakers have a boisterous enough sound without adequate clarity, limiting the disturbance to the lowest extent.

Range In Obstructional Areas

The range is another factor to be viewed as which has the significance of its own. The range factor mostly expresses that the perfect conditions for a two – way radio are natural terrains with the least check. Henceforth, for the most part, the range depiction gave by the organizations is to perfect condition, and in this way, the range we get in our packed urban areas is remarkably lower than that. Henceforth we should choose a walkie which can work comparably in the cities as it works in the open fields.

Consequently, you should consider the walkie Talkie with the most extreme range accessible in your budget to keep away from such disparities.

Build Quality

When something is for kids, quality takes up the priority. So the construct quality which incorporates material and innovation used to make the walkie ought to be viewed near unbreakable while it’s in your children’s hands.

Convenient In Use

If you don’t consider making the right choice in terms of user convenience, your child’s going to find it much complicated. Henceforth you need to choose a walkie which suits your kid’ s age group or mental ability at his/her current age and is not complicated to use for him/her.

Signal Strength

Many walkies are good at the range but fail to satisfy the signal strength as they use old technology. So it is preferable to choose the latest technology which provides better signal strength and hence better clarity in communication experience.

Benefits That Make Walkie Talkies Gift For Kids

Here are some reasons why walkie talkies are amongst the best gifts that you should present the lovely kids in your house.

  • Technology, A Must: In this growing work, technology is something a child must know about from the beginning of his/her life journey. And walkie talkies are sort of toys that are going to build up a basic knowledge regarding how simple tech works
  • Eyes friendly: In the current scenario of screens all around, they can be a better alternative as they do not emit any harmful blue light which can severely affect their eyes
  • Interaction: At an early age, kids generally try to communicate through their toys. And Walkie Talkie is a sort of toy which is going to make interaction a lot easier and direct. Hence it is going to improve kids’ communication skills.
  • Distant Watch: A walkie helps you stay in touch with the children even when they are playing around in the neighborhood or when they go to the nearby store.
  • Entertainment: “All study and no play makes a child a dull one. “So making your child play has the importance of its own, it makes your kid develop his/her personality, which is a must in this world and gives a purpose to his/her life too.


The main features of walkie talkie are loud enough sound, clarity in sound, build quality, and secure communication to ensure a seamless experience while playing for your kids. You should consider these features’ quality as the priority and go for the option that has the best quality and is within your budget. We request you; please check all the features when you purchase it online and return it within the period of return policy in case of any discrepancy. To be more precise, you should buy products from trusted companies as provided on our list.

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