The Top Best Waterproof Sprays for Shoes In 2020 Reviews and Buying Guide

Unless you live in the desert, your shoes often encounter mud puddles, water, ice-melting salt, and other wet filth. While waterproof footwear will handle these elements perfectly they are often heavy and expensive. The best thing is that, you can add a water seal to your regular leather, canvas, or suede material shoes with these best waterproof sprays for shoes. By providing the water seal, you will prolong their life and ensure they remain in a mint condition.

This will enable you to battle the wet weather with your favorite shoe without ruining its look. Speaking of the appearance, the waterproof sprays add a clear seal that is also resistant to UV rays. The protective layer also keeps stains away, at the same time ensuring that your shoes stay breathable. While most of these waterproof sprays will live to your expectations, some dishonest brands have produced substandard products to tap in this lucrative market. To help you get the best product, go through the following detailed guide.

These Are The Top Best Waterproof Sprays for Shoes Reviews in 2020

10. Cobbler’s Choice Co. All-Natural Waterproofing Spray

Cobbler's Choice Co. All-Natural Waterproofing Spray    See It Now on Amazon

One of the main reasons why this waterproof spray has remained a top choice amongst cobblers is its superior performance. It is formulated from all natural ingredients with no waxy finish. The spray will not only provides a protective coat on your leather shoes but also provides the same on suede and canvas materials. It is long lasting and comes in a decent quantity that will enable you safeguard all your favorite shoes, handbags and furniture from water damage.

Notably, thanks to the natural ingridients, this spray is safe for your kids and pets. Besides, this model doesn’t contain the silicone materials that often lead to a glossy surface, ruining the leather texture. More importantly, the product offers the desired water protection without affecting your shoe’s breathability.

  • Made using all natural water repellent materials
  • Adds an invisible formula to all your favorite leather products
  • Protects your products for years
  • Comes in a decent capacity allowing you to safeguard all your leather products
  • It has a slight irritating odor but it goes away after some days
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9. Hendlex Universal Waterproof Spray for Shoes and Fabric

Hendlex Universal Waterproof Spray for Shoes and Fabric

  See It Now on Amazon

The Hendlex universal waterproof stray is an effective sealant that works on all types of leather, canvas, and suede materials. Different from other brands on the market, this spray isn’t only easy to apply but also dries quite fast. It protects your shoes from elements as it adds a strong water barrier, making the shoes, bags and other items made from either of the aforementioned materials water resistant.

By so doing, this spray will repel damages that occur because of salt, oil, dirt, and oil. Even better, this spray brings out the beauty of the materials, giving your shoes a new look. Additionally, this unit is made from natural materials that are safe for your pets and kids. It is also easy to apply and doesn’t have any chemical odor.

  • Ideal for your shoes and other leather fabric
  • It doesn’t contain silicones that lead to an overly glossy surface
  • It is odorless and easy to apply
  • The fabric remains breathable
  • Not ideal for smooth leather

8. Stir Technologies Extra Strength Fabric Protector

Stir Technologies Extra Strength Fabric Protector

  See It Now on Amazon

As you probably know, walking on mud and other wet places degrades your leather shoes significantly. If you are looking for an easy way to safeguard your leather shoes, then this waterproof spray will suit your needs. It adds a nice waterproof sealant that keeps the water from damaging your shoes. The spray is clear and doesn’t change the breathability or look of the leather.

Besides using it on shoes, this spray also works exceptionally, well on handbags and furniture. It also available in a decent quantity and convenient packs that you can carry everywhere. In addition, unlike other models that are formulated from toxic chemicals, this spray is made from safe, odorless ingridients. You can also use it to protect your carpet from pet urine and other spills as well as retaining out of box look on your leather jacket, pants and more

  • It doesn’t change the look or breathability
  • Environmentally friendly than the aerosol sprays
  • Works with most fabric including leather, canvas and furniture
  • Non-flammable and safe to use indoors
  • The smell is quite overwhelming at first

7.  Aged Leather Pros Leather Waterproofing

Aged Leather Pros Leather Waterproofing

  See It Now on Amazon

Whether you are looking forward to a hiking trip, fishing, camping or outdoor sport, you wouldn’t want your favorite leather shoes to soak in water. Unfortunately, once water penetrates the leather materials, the shoes wears out tremendously quickly. This is there this leather-waterproofing product comes in. it is formulated using safe, non-flammable materials and offers an invisible protection layer.

The best thing is that it doesn’t disrupt the breathability and look of the leather. Repeated use creates an even stronger barrier that will serve you for years. Equally, this unit isn’t only designed to work with leather but also protects other fabrics including canvas, suede among others.

  • Invisible protection layer
  • Made from natural materials that doesn’t contain any silicon
  • Non-toxic and safe for your skin
  • It doesn’t leave any chemical smell
  • Not ideal for finished leather

6. Simple Shine Premium Water Repellent Spray

Simple Shine Premium Water Repellent Spray

  See It Now on Amazon

Sometimes our pets can’t resist fro chewing your favorite pair of shoe. While this isn’t a good trait, we shouldn’t put its health in harm’s way. Unlike other water repellent sprays that contain toxic chemicals, this model is crafted from safe ingredients. This makes it a great alternative especially if you have mischievous kids and pets. Doubling as a stain repellent, this sealant spray will keep your leather boots, suede purse, and canvas in pristine conditions.

We love its multipurpose use and adaptability to various materials. Different from other models this unit also works well on finished leather, vinyl as well as exotic leather. Along with providing optimal protection from mud, water, salt, and stain, it also ensures that the fabric is breathable. Moreover, it comes in a decent packaging and enough quantity for all your shoes, bags and more.

  • Protective coat that retains the breathable properties
  • Water and stain repellent
  • Can be used on various materials including leather and canvas
  • Easy to apply and non flammable
  • Non-aerosol application

5. Solemates All Weather Protector

Solemates All Weather Protector

  See It Now on Amazon

For several decades, Solemates brand has been in the forefront of ensuring that our footwear remains in mint conditions. True to their words, the Solemates all weather protectors will ensure that your leather boots, bags and jackets look fantastic. The best thing about this model is that it can be used on all leather colors. From your footwear, bags to auto interior, this exclusive formulation offers the best performance.

This waterproof spray is all-natural and doesn’t have any odor. Different from other models made from harsh chemicals, this unit is made from organic ingridients. Use it on your premium leather, Nubuck, suede and other materials to not only ensure they look brand new but also offer protection from weather damage.

  • Ensures your premium leather fabrics stays looking brand new
  • Made from 100 percent natural ingredient
  • Recommended by Oprah
  • Naturally Effective and easy to use
  • Some wish that the quantity should be bigger

4. NANOMAN Shoe Protector Spray

NANOMAN Shoe Protector Spray

  See It Now on Amazon

Another high-end protector spray that works from everything from finished leather, Nubuck, suede to canvas, this waterproof spray will make your shoes, bags, and furniture water resistant. With only a little bit of spray, your shoes not only gain the waterproof layer but also become UV stable. This makes it exceptionally useful especially when it comes to maintaining your jackets and other clothing.

Another important feature with this spray is that it helps protect the fabric from stains, mud, and salt damage. The formulation is odor free and doesn’t change the texture of the materials. This means it adds a layer of protection while retaining the fabric’s breathability. Moreover, each sealant layer last for over a year. This makes it economical since you don’t need to apply daily.

  • Quick and effective way to treat your leather
  • Ideal for your leather boots, handbags and furniture
  • Last for years, making them budget friendly
  • Also works on suede and other fabric
  • Slightly higher price

3. Nikwax Fabric and Leather Proof Waterproofing

Nikwax Fabric and Leather Proof Waterproofing

  See It Now on Amazon

One of the disadvantages of most waterproofing sprays is that they tend to harden the leather surface. The sealant will also interfere with the material breathability, making your shoes or jacket super heated. However, the NiKwax fabric leather waterproofing is formulated using top grade materials that ensures optimal water and UV resistant.

And, this clear spray will never affect the materials breathability. Speaking of materials, this is made using organic ingredients, making it gentle on leather, suede and other materials. It is also easy to apply and one coat will last for years. Moreover, it can be used on colored leathers as it doesn’t darken or ruin the color.

  • Eliminates odor from your footwear
  • Aides in the breathability of your leather and other fabrics
  • Offers a water proof seal on your footwear
  • Comes in a budget friendly price
  • The capacity could be larger

2. Nikwax Nubuck and Suede Proof Waterproofing

Nikwax Nubuck and Suede Proof Waterproofing

  See It Now on Amazon

Your leather footwear can easily soak up in water especially when it is coated with mud and other filth. Over time, the water may penetrate, and weaken the structure of the leather. The NiKwax Nubuck suede and leather waterproofing sprays provides an excellent coat that blocks the water, allowing your shoes, jackets and bags to stay dry and in mint conditions.

The protection layer also provides impressive stain and UV resistance. We particularly love the UV resistance properties as it ensures that the colors do not fade. As the name indicates, this spray is not only ideal for leather but also works well to protect suede and Nubuck materials. More importantly, the spray ensures that your jackets and shoes retain their breathability.

  • Helps clean your shoes and add water protective layer
  • Prevents the growth of bacteria that leads to smelly feet
  • Also, work with other fabric such as canvas
  • Effective for shoes, bags, furniture, and other items
  • Slightly higher price tag

1. Gear Aid Revivex Suede and Fabric Boot Care Kit

Gear Aid Revivex Suede and Fabric Boot Care Kit

  See It Now on Amazon

As our norm, we reserved the best for the last. Designed to work exceptionally well on canvas, suede and Nubuck materials, the gear aid suede and fabric boot is an impressive choice for a range of weather conditions. This clear spray adds a decent protective layer that makes leather, suede, canvas and other fabric water resistant. It will also block the UV rays, which are major causes of fading.

By so doing, your shoes, jackets, and handbags retain their out of the box condition for many years. Also important, unlike other harsh chemicals, this unit is crafted from high-end materials that are gentle on the fabric and safe for your kids as well as pets. Therefore, if you are searching for an all-rounder maintenance care for your leather boots, this model will not let you down.

  • Protects your leather shoes all year round
  • Do not compromise on the breathability of the fabric
  • Offers impressive water repellency on suede and fabric
  • Prolong the life of your favorite footwear
  • None found

Areas to consider when looking for the Best Waterproof Sprays for Shoes

With the numerous products on the market, it is easy to find yourself confused on the best product to pick. If you are not sure of the best model to pick, the following guide might give you the insights you need. Below are some of the important factors to check out when selecting the best waterproof sprays for shoes.

Is it effective

The primary reason you are getting this spray is to protect your shoes from soaking from water. But, don’t be fooled, most often water doesn’t come alone. It is often accompanied with mud, dirt and other filth. Well, this spray should not only ensure that your shoe do not only become wet but should also ensure that it is easy to clean. Therefore, ensure that the spray also resists stains.

Is it compatible with your shoe

Another crucial feature worth considering is the spray compatibility. Shoes are made from different leathers, suede, and other materials. For this reason, it is crucial to ensure that the spray you select is compatible with your shoe. Make sure that you read the description before making your choice.

What about the Capacity

The best thing about these waterproof sprays for shoes is that they are affordable. With that being said, it is crucial to ensure that you get the best value. The capacity often differs from one model to the other. Ensure that you get a model that comes with a decent capacity. Since you will only to apply it occasionally, a decent capacity bottle should take you several months.


Whenever you have invested a decent amount of money in purchasing a high quality pair of shoes, you would want it to serve you for a long period. Unfortunately, outdoor sports, hiking and fishing activities may take a toll on your shoes. Most often, once your shoe gets soaked in water, the material tends to weaken. Luckily, the above waterproof sprays for shoes offer a protective layer that makes your shoes water resistant. Moreover, the waterproof sprays for shoes will also safeguard your shoes from UV rays and stains. All the best!

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